Leadership Team

Earl & Shandale Wise

Lead Pastors

In September of 2016 Pastor Earl and his wife Shandale, started The REAL CHURCH. The REAL CHURCH is  a non-denominational church that truly focuses on REAL Faith, REAL Worship, REAL People. Be REAL with yourself and watch what God will do in your life. Earl and Shandale are called to help people grow in a church setting without legalism, without judging, and without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Earl and Shandale enjoy spending time with their 3 children, Anthony, Aliya and Ayden.

Ashley Lasher

Worship Leader

Ashley Lasher serves as one of the leaders on the worship team and one of the leaders of the young adult ministry.

 A fun fact about Ashley is she loves to craft on her spare time!

Stephen Peterson

Worship Leader

Stephen Peterson has been serving the Lord and using his musical gift for over two decades. His desire is to see everyone enter into the presence of God through music. He has allowed God to use him in a way that appeals to both the younger, and older generation in the same worship set.

Stephen enjoys spending time with his family and riding bikes.

Alexis Peterson

Communications Director

Alexis makes an impact on our ministry in many ways, you can find her work on the graphics that you see, on Sunday morning ,the social media platforms, and the images on the church app. Alexis creates content that helps our church community stay connected

Alexis enjoys spending time with her family and her over 100 plants.

Kathleen Nichelson

Hospitality Director

Kathy has been at the Real Church since the start, she supports Pastor Earl and Shandale in various ways. Kathy most Sundays will be the first smiling face you see, and thats because she loves to see people grow in their faith. Kathy is a gifted planner and many of the events you see at the church have her touch on them.

In her spare time Kathy enjoys spending time with her family and her dog Coco Chanel.

Angel & Heather Abreu

Youth Directors

Angel and Heather serve as Youth Directors at The Real Church. Angel and Heather have both been working with youth for 10+ years. They love playing sports and being active with their two beautiful children.

Berline Exume

Real Kidz Ministry Director

My name is Berline. I am the current Real Kidz’ and Children ministry leader. Once upon a time I was a teacher and it’s what continues to inspire and motivate me today. My favorite things are God, food, and music. My mission with our children, is to always be reminded that they are the change makers, so a strong foundation in Christ must be built. That strong foundation is made up of love, truth, and Bible!

Corrine Crist

Pre-School Coordinator


Dave & Barb Bernecker

Real Kidz Coordinators